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Need an photographer or retoucher?

I am a portrait, commercial, fashion, beauty and art photographer retoucher working worldwide.

In case you have any questions about business project, photos or need my services, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will gladly answer all of your inquires. Thanks for all the love and support!


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ZorroMy name is Hrvoje Golubić and I am photographer\retoucher from Zagreb, Croatia.

My love of photography has evolved over the years, and now it seems to have branched out to the extreme sides of the spectrum. On one hand, I love working in photoshop and combining photography with digital painting. The possibilities for being creative are endless, as are the hours spent on it. On the other hand, I yearn to be outside, away from the computer, without lighting equipment,just enjoying meeting new interesting people and capturing small fragments of everyday life.

“For me photography is more then time frozen in a frame.. It’s like a river that flows and never stops….full of inspirations, ideas and special moments… Every photo for me is special, unique and it represents “my world”. I hope that you will convert them into your own worlds and stories..”



Turistička zajednica grada Zagreba, Turistička zajednica grada Donja Stubica, OMV, Veleučilište VERN, Pliva, Diadema, Sonyericsson,West Gate, PNAS, Vita fitness, Bio&Bio, Croatian top model, Digitalfoto magazin, Akademija magazin, Extra, Dr.Hauschka, Mamanova, Kumol, Kamen Sirač, Grad Poreč, Folklorni ansambl Ivan Goran Kovačić, Družba vitezova zlatnog kaleža, Mikleuška Open Air festival, Green City,Vanessa Guillemette, Marija Andrijašević, Goran Sajko, Zumba Danijela, Stuntfire Marco, Quercus cats, White World Maltese, Stolar d.o.o., Apartmani Monte Mulini Rovinj, MA Dental.




Pliva Maxflu – first prize(first and second place)
Fotografija godine BiH – 2 categories
Lufthansa – 1st place
FotoOko – 1st place in 2 categories and 3rd place
Zološki Vrt grada Zagreba – 2 najbolje fotografije

Sonyericsson Monster music – best photos
Turisticka zajednica grada zagreba – best photo of Zagreb
Ministarstvo zdravlja – award for “Organ donation concept”
Špancirfest contest – 3rd place Fotomaraton 2010
Fotosofija and DM “Love” – 3rd place
Maroon 5 – top 10
Mastercard – top 10